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Basic Information For The Laser Tag Hire Gamers.

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In Laser Tag Hire Every player has a phaser with a wire attached to a headband, you guessed it, this goes on their head. There are 3 sensors, 2 on the head (front and back) and 1 on the barrel of the phasor.

In the picture, see the black dome on the boy’s headband. Also, note the black dome halfway up the phaser. These are the sensors.

Laser Tag Hire

Sensors are mounted on a headband using the clip on the back of the dome.

Aim for these sensors with your phasors, you can use the red dot sight to help you. The colours tell the teams (red vs blue). Aim with either the red-dot scope or the peep sight depending on which model you’ve hired.

Each time you tag an opponent your phaser says “Tagged!” The display shows the number of tags after the letter T. The display shows your current health between 0 & 5 after HP. D is for deactivated & shows many players you have deactivated.

The red button is for reloading and the black button is for changing from rapid-fire to a single shot. The phaser automatically reloads. Players should not need to use the buttons.

The Display on the Laser Tag Phasor

The display at the back of the phaser gives you your statistics in real-time.

The first line of the display shows your hit point (or “lives”) and ammo. So, in this case, the player has 5 out of 5 hit points. And has 50 out of 50 ammunition.

The second line show unlimited reloads. It also shows “Ts” and “Ds”. This stands for the number of times a gamer has Tagged someone and the number of Deactivations.

The third line shows the accuracy percentage. It shows a medium range. And it shows that this unit is on the “B” team.

How to Aim In A Laser Game

In Laser Tag Hire Game You aim using a red dot scope or a peep sight.

The little red dot is an optical illusion and is harmless.

Point the dot so it is pointing towards your opponent’s sensors and pull the trigger.

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What is “re-activation”?

When a “de-deactivated” player goes back to where they started from & gets re-activated (either with a Master Controller or with a medic box) and then re-joins the game.

Depending on how the Laser Tag Hire game is set up, you can have no reactivations, unlimited reactivations, or reactivations for a limited amount of time.

How To Win At Laser Tag Games

There are two parts to playing and winning, at laser tag games.

  1. First tagging or shooting the other guy, and
  2. Second avoiding getting tagged yourself.

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