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Paintball Games to Play

Paintball Games

Hiring our Paintball equipment leaves you with the responsibility of arranging the games you play, which is where the fun begins. You can set up in any way you want but we have come up with some great games for you to try out including games that are a lot of fun and games that get the players competing, regardless of their age!

Elimination or Team Death Match

Start on different sides of the field with the same amount of players on each team if possible.

Proceed in trying to eliminate every player on the opposing team.
Some games can be played with “Multiple Lives”. This means a player can be shot 1, 2, 3, or however many times you set up.
Go back to their starting point and can then proceed in re-entering the game if you are shot.
If a player is shot multiple times within a couple seconds of each other it still only counts as one life lost.
The player must go back to the starting point before another life can be lost. This makes games last longer and can also be interesting when you have to borrow paintballs from other players on your team because you run out.

Paintball games to play
Paintball games to play

Capture the Flag

Set up two flag sites on opposite sides of the field. Make sure that everybody knows where each of flags are located and the flags cannot be removed or hidden by the team that is guarding it.

Retrieve the other team’s flag and bring it back to their own base without being shot.

Eliminations are the same as team deathmatch unless otherwise specified.

Centre Flag Push

Know the story well. One flag is placed directly center of the playing field (this step is not important) this method of one flag is fun because it is much more of a challenge then neutral Capture The Flag because neither side has much of an advantage.

Retrieve the flag. You win by reaching the other team’s base.


Paintball games to play
Paintball games to play

Neutral Capture The Flag

Play the same as regular CTF except that there is only one central flag that players have to try to get possession of.

Try to obtain the flag and bring it back to their own base while trying to fight the other team from capturing it at the same time.



Play the opposite of capture the flag. One team starts off with a “Bomb” (it can be a small box or a towel or plastic bag.)

To Make the way to the opposing team’s base will be the task for the team with the bomb.

Protect a specified location from the advancing team’s bomb. The defending team’s duty will be that.

End the game when either side is eliminated, or the bomb reaches the destination.

Paintball games to play
Paintball games to play

Two Sided Bomb

Play the same as regular bomb except that both sides have a bomb and must plant their bomb on the opposing team’s base while trying to defend their own base from the other team’s bomb.

Neutral Bomb

Know the story: There is a bomb located in the middle of the map. Both sides must try to obtain the bomb and reach the opposing team’s base.

He/she must leave the bomb in that position and either team can then obtain it and advance it to the opposing team’s base when the player is shot.


Teams begin by picking a VIP for their team.
Everybody must know who the VIP is from each team and the VIP must wear some kind of bright clothing.
Know your main objective. Eliminate the opposing teams VIP while taking out anybody who gets in your way

If you are shot, you are out of the game.

The game ends when either teams VIP is shot.

The Wild

Put everyone’s name on a piece of paper and place in a hat or something similar.

Take one piece of paper out of the hat. The person’s name drawn out is the rancid beast.

Send the beast in unarmed. The rancid beast will enter the field and will have 15-20 seconds to hide.

Hunt. Once hidden, the players may enter the field and hunt the player down.

Kill the players. The beast needs to eliminate the players. This is done by simply touching them. In turn, the players need to eliminate the beast.

Eliminate the player if he is touched by beast. However, the beast can bring them back to the game but as zombies only, and these zombies are in the beast’s service.

Close the game when either the beast or the team is eliminated.

Predator Vs. Prey

Divide teams unequally.
Keep in mind that the prey will start off with fewer people. You can decide how you want to do this. (e.g. 2vs3 2vs4 4vs6 and so on.)

Know that teams can be equal if you prefer.
The prey then goes out into the paintball playing area.
Set up where they want; and hide wherever, and however they want. (Under leaves, grass, in a bunker, etc..)

Go out into the field and try to hunt down the prey, while being hunted by the prey themselves if you are predator.

Understand that being shot differs on what team you are on.
If a predator is shot, they are out of the game.
If a prey is shot, they become part of the predators team.