Laser Tag Hire in the UK

Inflatables for laser tag

Instant Laser Tag Fun with Our Portable Inflatables!

We understand you’d rather not invest hours creating a backyard play area or splurge on barricade materials. That’s why we offer a fantastic alternative!

Upgrade your hire with some exciting walls and inflatable boxes and more!

The best thing about Laser Tag 4 Hire is that all the packages can be set up almost anywhere, from your school field to back garden. Our packages are great for 8 to 208 players! 

Our inflatable bunkers weigh in at around 4kg each so you can easily move them around the battlefield between games if you want to.

Once inflated (by an electric pump) the bunkers will keep air in them all day long.

Standard issue colour is black, if you want to add some flavour to the inflatables, drape a sheet over them and transform them into your party theme.

mobile laser tag hire
Inflatable obstacle hire for mobile laser tag

Playing in an open area?

Why not add some super cool inflatable obstacles, we have lots of different shapes and sizes with the most popular obstacle being the walls. 

We know you don’t want to spend hours setting up a playing area, we know you don’t want to spend loads of money on material for barricades, so we’ve come up with an awesome alternative!

You can hire our inflatables which are 100% portable, free standing and weather-resistant, and of course ready for battle! All you have to do is open the box, plug in the blower and inflate your inflatables, peg them down if you’re outdoors, and you are ready to play!

Packs of 2

Normally our obstacles come in packs of 2, you can mix and match with walls and boxes and different obstacles shapes to make your battlefield as exciting as possible. 

Our delivery team or DPD will deliver the inflatables obstacles to your door a day or two before your event along with your Laser Tag equipment. 

How to set up the Inflatables

It’s super easy. You can download the information pack before and we will provide the instructions on delivery.  We will provide an electric pump you just attach to the inflatable and it can be up in seconds! 

After you finished your event just attach the pump again and it will suck the air out. 

The inflatable are a great feature to your hire package. They will never let you down! 

inflatables for laser tag games