Laser Tag Hire in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Laser Tag Hire?

Not everyone has run a laser tag party before, not everyone has combat experience, but we like to think we have the answers to some of your burning questions about laser tag…

You can look through the questions below, and just click for the answers. If you don’t see your question, please get in touch.

General Questions

It is a great price and good value for money. 

Laser Tag 4 Hire can be cheaper than taking your party to a fixed venue and it lets you run the party in your own style.

For details of pricing please visit our pricing page.

Here at Laser Tag 4 Hire we provide the best service, equipment and price!

We promise you will not find a better deal out there on the same equipment. 


Despite the name, our version of Laser Tag doesn’t use a laser at all! We use a system of infrared LED’s (the same as in your TV remote) and a glass lens

This means our equipment is totally safe to shoot at other players.

If you’d like to see the safety report from the manufacturer please click here.

No way!!!

Our laser tag equipment can be used in brightest daylight, in other words, night or day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors.

Yes we do!

Please Note: Charges are extremely rare, we would only ever charge for the full price of the phasors if not returned. The equipment is extremely strong. Please do not worry too much as the prices below are really for extreme circumstances.

We offer insurance for peace of mind. The kit is strong and robust, the prices are to cover our costs of equipment not being return or extreme damages and batteries. If the equipment is returned and looked after and switched off then nothing to worry about and we totally understand accidents happen.

For insurance please visit our insurance page.

Everyone can have a go!!

Our packs normally come with a minimum of 8 but you can play with less and you can hire up to 250 phasors.

Not from the phasers

Laser Tag is a combat game like no other, there is no projectile, bullet or foam block firing through the air, that means no paint, no mess, no broken furniture or windows!

Kids (big and small) will do their best to survive, if that means diving in a muddy puddle, that means diving in a muddy puddle… We recommend that players wear old clothes and covered shoes to protect themselves.

The equipment will stand up to most weather conditions.

We’ve seen our kit used in all kinds of conditions from beautiful sunshine right through to freezing snow..

As with all electrical equipment it does not mix well with water, we certainly would not recommend swimming with it! But it will stand up to a good rain shower.

If it does rain on your party day (lets face it, this is Britain we’re talking about) just be sure to keep the guns in the dry when you’re not using them and please dry the gear before putting them away. 

Booking Questions

Normally one – two weeks.

However in certain circumstances we can do faster, if you’ve left it until the last minute, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help!


You are more than welcome to hire for an extended period. We have weekly and monthly rates. Give us a call and we can advise you on what’s best to suit your needs.

Normally a 50% deposit will secure your booking. (Invoiced).

Your balance is then due 14 days prior to your event. This may very depending on your shipping date. In any case payment is always required prior to shipping.

If you book online you can check availability and we charge the full amount. 

All of our equipment is shipped on a next day service with DPD and same day service with our delivery team.

We use DPD LOCAL & our delivery team (within 10 miles of London) to deliver our equipment all over the UK and have no problem in recommending their services.

Deliveries will be made between 0800 and 1800 the working day or two before your hire is due to take place. DPD will text with a hour slot. 

The equipment must be put back in its box(es) and ready to be collected the day after your event.

Our courier team let you know when they’re coming!

If you give us your mobile number or email address before your hire pack is dispatched our courier team will send you a text message or email to let you know an estimated time of delivery (and collection). That means you don’t have to wait in all day!!! 

For an additional fee we’re able to have your equipment arrive before a certain time on your delivery day. We offer before 12.00 and before 10.30 as premium services depending on your location. If you need a definite time slot this can also be arranged.

The equipment must be put back in its box(es) and ready to be collected the day after your event, your shipping labels will be included with your hire pack.

You will need to contact the delivery company as soon as possible

If you’re having problems contacting them, let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you.

We’ll organise that for you.

We’ll organise for the equipment to be picked up from the same address we used to deliver the equipment (unless you tell us another address).

All you have to do is put the kit back turned off in the box and close it up with cable ties. (We will provided the cable ties and return labels).

Very easy indeed!

The boxes are easy to move. Each weighs approximately 15kg and is a nice manageable 40x40x45cm. You should be able to fit both boxes for a Great or Awesome Party Box in the boot of an average hatchback, like a Golf or similar. If not they will certainly fit on the back seats!

Technical Questions

We’re here to help!

You really shouldn’t get confused as its so an easy: Just turn key and go! If however in the very unlikely event you get into any trouble during your hire period then we’re always at the end of a phone, or you can drop us an email.

Inside the boxes with the equipment will be the contact number for our on call engineer who will be able to talk you through the equipment and any problems you have!

Call 24/7.

You can play Laser Tag anywhere!

You can play in any space you have available! from back gardens to village halls and greens to sports pitches, the beach and beyond! We’ve seen our kit used in 2 up 2 down terrace houses with a small yard right the way up to big country mansions and estates…

Naturally laser tag can become a fast paced competitive game, the more room players have to move around the better

All of our guns are designed to not appear too much like a gun, so if you have permission from your local council, you could even run around in the park!

Our kit is exceptionally strong

That said, we accept that accidents can happen! If the breakage is due to an accident, let us straight away by phone or email, don’t wait for us to get the equipment back and find out, we’ll think you were trying to hide something.

If you’ve hired equipment for more than one day (or a weekend) and we’re able to get a replacement out to you in time, we will do our best to do so.

When we get the equipment back we will assess the damage and, if we feel that the damage is unacceptable and has been caused by your neglect/misuse then you will be liable for the repair.

Yes, there are “Advanced Features” if you wish to use them

Built within the phasers are many options. When the phasers are shipped they are locked into hire mode which means none of the option menus can be accessed thereby guaranteeing everything is simple to use right out of the box. However it is possible with the help of our team to use the advanced features such as:

  • Change the difficulty level to standard which means you can be tagged every second and aiming is harder
  • Change the difficulty to hard, where you can be tagged every ½ second and only get 3 hit points, this is very hard but does suit some styles of capture the flag games.
  • Change the emulation to something more realistic sounding than the default sci-fi option. There are 69 nine different emulations that can be selected
  • Change the game setting so that multiple games can happen in the same general vicinity without interfering with each other
  • Enable friendly fire so that players from the same team can tag each other.

Be warned configuring the phasers with this advanced options can cause them not to work properly together. We recommend that advanced options are discussed with our staff at the time of ordering and have our depot staff then preconfigure the right advanced options to suit before the goods are shipped. If you wish to access the advanced options after the goods are delivered please call our office.