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Free Party Invitations

Laser Tag Party Invites

Laser Tag 4 Hire has got all the bases covered when it comes to throwing an awesome party no matter what age the players. Once you’ve decided a Laser Tag 4 Hire is the perfect birthday party idea for you then the next thing you will probably worry about is “How to I invite all my friends?” – Laser Tag 4 Hire has sorted invitations out for you too.

Get the Party Started with Our Laser Tag Invitations

Laser Tag 4 Hire has on offer three different invitations which you can download, print, and fill out for your party. Each invite prints onto an A4 piece of paper which you then fold into quarters – no cutting required. 

No printer? No Problem! Just let us know at time of placing your order for your Laser Tag 4 Hire Party Box. Tell us which invites you would like and we’ll print them out for you.

Not keen on the free invitation? We are happy to design you a bespoke one for you party, we will also print these and send them to you before your event. 

What to Wear

The ultimate colour to wear to play laser tag is neon. Right? Wrong! We recommend wearing dark clothes as a camouflage technique. This ensures that you won’t be spotted from across the arena.

Another tip? Avoid the evidential, “I’m too hot,” or, “I’m too cold,” by dressing in layers. Being the winner can get pretty heated sometimes, so come prepared to strip down to a comfortable temperature.

Set a Theme Party

It is always fun planning a laser tag party, why not set a theme to your party?

You could set an army theme? Add as camo paint and camo netting to your hire.

Or a fortnite theme? Maybe a star wars theme and add some lighting and lasers to your hire. 

Laser tag equipment hire across the UK
Laser tag equipment hire across the UK