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Welcome To Laser Tag 4 Hire

UK's Number One Laser Tag Rental Company

At Laser Tag 4 hire, we understand how important it is to have fun and that’s why we provide the perfect solution to any event. Whether it’s a Children’s party, a team-building exercise or any other event, we guarantee that Laser Tag will go down a storm!


We have experience in providing our equipment to more than 1,000 parties and with more than 100,000 players entertained, we must be doing something right. We strive to take care of your every need, providing everything you need to set up your course and get your players competing against each other.


What Is Included!

  • Between 10 - 200 x Black Cobras with red dot scope (Up to 12 hour battery life)

  • Red & Blue Headbands 

  • 1 x Red Team (delta team) Flag

  • 1 x Blue Team (bravo team) Flag

  • 1 x Master Controller 

  • 2 Medic Boxes

  • 1 x Spare Phaser (This can be changed into any device)

  • 1 x Key

  • 1 x Information Pack,Includes Lots Of Different Games To Play!

  • Links To Videos On How To Use The Equipment

  • Free party invites (Downloadable)

  • Charger, If 12 Hours Is Not Enough!

  • Delivery & Collection

All of your equipment will be delivered the day before your event and collected the next working day after the event. Furthermore, we will deliver nationwide for free and if you live within two hours of London, our delivery team will deliver and offer a free tutorial.

Two Epic Packages!

Hire Up To 175 Phasors.

Awesome Pack

Black Cobras suitable for age 6+.

Tag each other up to 80 metres, indoor & outdoor use.

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Ultimate Pack

Our most popular package.

Black Cobras PLUS military graded red dot scopes. Great for ages 8+

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Cool Extras To Add To Your Hire!

Optional Extras - Not sure? Add on at a later date.

Need Something To Hide Behind?

Add Some Obstacles

Need Some Help?

What Makes Laser Tag 4 Hire the Right Choice?


We’re experienced in creating the perfect Laser Tag event for all users and our equipment is suitable for players of all ages. Our expertise and ability to provide the latest equipment sets us apart.


Our equipment is the latest on the market and it’s safe too, allowing you to create the perfect Laser Tag experience.  We commit to ensuring we deliver satisfaction which is why we arrange everything and go above and beyond to fulfil your needs. It’s an industry that we know a lot about and that means that you can put your trust in us. Offering reliable equipment and an array of options, we ensure your event will go off with a bang!

Looking For Our Team To Run Your Party?

Domination Box

Want Our Team To Run Your Party?

Laser Tag Hire

Fancy Some Fun Inflatables?


Who can enrol in Smart Learning Hub?

Smart Learning Hub is for any client targeting an enhanced learning experience in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and computer science. This includes: - Senior secondary students (BGCSE, IGCSE, A-Level) - Tertiary students (Certificate, Diploma, Degree) - Private or government organisations - Professionals Interested? Click here to enrol.

What about if I am a Junior secondary or a Primary student?

Contact us and we will arrange a dedicated service for you.

What services do Smart Learning Hub offer?

Depending on the subscription, the services range from: - In-person or in-class tutoring - Online video content - Online sample problems and solutions - Course summary notes - Pick up and drop-off - Working space and career developmental events - Coaching and mentoring - Free public online resources - Skills training and professional development

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Can I try Smart Learning Hub services before fully committing?

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How do I enrol?

It’s a Safe Option For Everyone!


What makes Laser Tag so unique is that it’s a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. From six-year-olds to 80-year olds, we have seen it all because there are no boundaries. It’s a game that is suitable for agile players and those who are less agile because it’s all about accuracy and tactics!


With our lightweight phasers that are simple to carry and our inflatable bunkers, every course is safe. So, find the ideal place for your course, which could be a garden, a field, a woodland area or even your office car park and you are ready to go. In no time at all, players will be battling out using our cutting-edge equipment and immersing themselves in the experience.

We Take Care of Everything


We understand that arranging a party or an event is a big challenge so we aim to take care of your Laser Tag booking. Once you have chosen your package from our Awesome Party Box or Ultimate Party Box, we will have it delivered to your door the day before your event.


You’ll have time to familiarise yourself with the equipment and instructions while you’ll also be able to begin plotting your course.


We provide phasors that come with a master gun, medic boxes, keys, flags and headbands, plus you can also choose from a range of accessories that we have available. All guns come fully charged and can last for up to 12 hours although we also provide chargers should they be required.


So, with everything in place, all you need to do is wait for delivery!

It’s Time to Get Creative


We guarantee that every person who plays Laser Tag will love the experience but it helps to understand how to get the most from your time with our equipment. You can create your own games or choose from some of the games that we have offered including Capture the Flag and with our accessories such as inflatable bunkers, you can create a battlefield that you can constantly change and move around!

How to Book?


  1. Complete our form and our team will contact you within 24 hours. To hold your booking, we will require a 50% paying in advance.

  2. We will deliver your chosen pack to your door the day before your event and we will provide delivery updates.

  3. The equipment is hired for 24-hours and if you hire on a Saturday, you’ll have Sunday for free. We also provide support 24/7 and online video

  4. Once your hire has ended, we will collect the equipment the day after your event. Again, we will provide you with a collection update.


We have a 5 Stars rating across Google and Facebook because we provide an excellent service and every player always has an experience that leaves them hooked on Laser Tag!