Christmas Party Hire Ideas

Inflatable obstacle hire for mobile laser tag

Now is a good time to plan a Christmas party and event.

Christmas literally means Christian Mass. It’s a shortened form of Christ’s Mass. Christmas is a time of spiritual reflection on the important foundations of the Christian faith. It’s also a celebration. It’s when Christians celebrate God’s love for the world through the birth of the Christ child: Jesus.

Churches, youth groups, sports clubs and work parties all love to have a party and celebrate with Laser Tag. With party packages to hire for children and adults alike. Create your own bespoke package today for a laser tag hire. Or why not try your hand at low impact paintball for fun team games at Christmas time.

Keep the children entertained with laser tag games, you can play in your back garden or hire a hall or venue. The equipment can be use indoors and outdoors.

Promote Team Bonding At Your Christmas Party With Laser Tag.

During a laser tag game, players must work together as a team to achieve the mission objective. Every gamer plays a part in the victory. Each player must take decision-making into their own hands!

With our laser tag sets, players need to work as a team. There are no individual scores. This teamwork required in laser tag games promotes team bonding and helps players develop a stronger sense of trust and camaraderie with each other. 

The activity also allows coaches to see how their team members interact with each other during a game and identify areas that may need improvement. Team bonding is essential in sports, and activities like laser tag can help create a stronger bond between teammates.

It’s a fun way to get everyone working together and establishing a common goal, which is essential if your team is going to succeed in the upcoming season. Plus, laser tag offers a great opportunity for players to socialise outside of practice and matches, which can lead to more meaningful relationships off the field.

Why not add fun inflatables and inflatable obstacles to set up a challenging obstacle course for laser tag.

What Makes Laser Tag So Great For Christmas Parties?

Laser Tag is an experience like no other and many people who try it out for the first time become hooked on it. The thrill of chasing people around a course and trying to shoot them with your laser gun is a great way to feel like a child again. Let’s be honest, we all need escapism from time to time and Laser Tag at Christmas is ideal.

Christmas parties take many different forms and some go wild with lavish themed parties while others are low-key but Laser Tag hire injects something unique. Set the course up in a car park, use a redundant field or some woodland, it’s entirely up to you. It’ll set the tone for the rest of the day but with all the laughter and fun, you’ll be ready to carry it on for the rest of the day.

What’s more, it’s also cost-effective because whether you’re spreading the cost among friends or setting it up for a work Christmas party, the cost per person is extremely low. When compared to other types of events, it can save you a lot of money but deliver the same outcome.

Get Creative

The great thing about Laser Tag hire is the way in which it allows you to become creative. Whether you keep the course simple or not, you can make it however you want it to be. Throw in some inflatable walls and you’ve got the perfect adventure for participants. Whether you create teams, go it alone or keep scores and give out prizes, Laser Tag at Christmas time is the perfect warm-up activity for the rest of the day.

Christmas Laser tag hire

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