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About Laser Tag 4 Hire/ Laser Tag 2U

All About Laser Tag 4 Hire and Laser Tag 2U


At the core of Laser Tag 4 Hire and Laser Tag 2U is a desire to bring fun and enjoyment to the lives of people of all ages. We believed that the UK was lacking in diversity when it comes to activities and after experiencing the popularity of Laser Tag in Australia, we felt it was time to bring it to the UK, bring fun to the masses!


It all began with Laser Tag 2U and almost overnight, popularity grew and with that demand came a need to provide more. This forced the company to open another office in the South West Office before taking over Laser Tag 4 Hire - clear proof that there was a huge demand for Laser Tag. 


The company takes a forward approach in everything it does and that meant that a move to London was inevitable and it was from here that the company started to really flourish, offering a great level of service and nationwide delivery.


We Strive To Deliver Fun and Satisfaction


We might put all of our efforts into growing our business but with that has come an ability to understand what our clients want. We have more than 9 years of experience, have provided Laser Tag for more than 4,000 parties and helped over 400,000 people embrace the adrenaline-packed action of Laser Tag. 


Our goal is to continue to drive our business forward by providing people across the UK with access to Laser Tag Hire. We take care of everything, leaving you to enjoy the excitement of this amazing activity.


We are a team of committed individuals and that means that our service is always looking to offer more. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and that’s why we always seek perfection. From taking orders to delivery and collecting items, we maintain high standards because that’s what customers expect.


As a family-run business, we understand the importance of a personal touch. It’s about caring about our clients, providing our advice and assistance and delivering on every level. Our first-class service has reached far and wide, providing Laser Tag for everyone including office parties, stag and hen parties, corporate events and even Hollywood stars, we’re widely recognised and highly-regarded!


We also ensure that our customers have the ultimate experience by ensuring we make use of the latest Laser Tag technology. What’s more, we are always looking to add to our service with accessories and ideas that transform the overall experience for every customer.


Our expertise and experience of providing Laser Tag up and down the country now set us apart and that’s down to our commitment. From our very beginning to where we are today, we have done everything to maintain maximum levels of enjoyment for everyone while maintaining our desires to provide a unique experience for everyone. 


We love Laser Tag and we want the people of the UK to embrace this amazing activity that is suitable for everyone!

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The Team


Michael Rogers

Head Of Fun!


Emma Rogers

Accounts & Bookings


Steve Rogers

Head Engineer


Richard Refoy


IMG_2801 copy.jpg

Simon Wilson

Packing & Delivery Team


Mark Walker

Packing Team


Emily Rogers

Packing Team


Dan Higginson

Packing Team

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