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How to Play Laser Tag

Easy and Exciting Laser Tag Adventures

There is no denying that Laser Tag provides hours of fun but it’s also hugely appealing because it’s so simple to play. At Laser Tag 4 Hire, we bring the latest Laser Tag straight to you, with minimal fuss or hassle on your part. If you’ve never played the game before then it’s time to get yourself familiar with how it all works. Don’t worry though, we’ll keep it simple, allowing you to get on with enjoying the excitement that this game has brought to millions around the world!

It’s All Your Favourite Games Rolled Into One

Whether you’re older and have fond memories of playing hide and seek with friends or you’re younger and love a game of tag, what you get with Laser Tag is all of these in one hit!

The idea behind the game is very simple. The aim is to shoot others and avoid being shot and to do that you need to hide, seek and try and tag or find each other. So, dodge, run around, take cover and do all you can to avoid being hit while taking your chances to capture someone on the opposing team.

The game has changed throughout the years and that’s all down to the way in which technology has evolved. With infrared beams known as lasers and guns that tell you when you’ve hit someone, the entire experience is more immersive than ever before. Set the objectives or mission and get started.

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Leave the Rest to Us

So, that leaves us with the equipment but that’s on us. We supply you with everything you need to create your own Laser Tag party experience. Whether it’s young children or older adults, our parties have been going down a storm and you’ll see why. Our guns are delivered and ready to go which means that you can pick off your targets from as far away as 80m, creating a stealth experience like no other. What’s more, we’ve also handled all the pre-loaded settings which means you’re all set to go!

Let us Take Care of Delivery

All of the equipment is delivered directly to you. All you need to do is set it up in your chosen space such as a sports field, woodlands or a car park. It’s quick, easy and there is minimal hassle which means that you can get on with playing almost instantly.

It’s the Complete Experience

At, we give you everything you need to create the ultimate experience. With inflatable walls and a simple set up, get creative, go crazy and enjoy every single second of your Laser Tag experience.

It’s Portable So Get Creative!

All of the equipment we provide is durable, tough and weather-resistant, which means that you can play whenever you feel like. All you need to do is choose your venue, turn on the phasers, pull the trigger and get moving because then it’s game on!

Laser Tag is suitable for everyone and a game that will have you hooked instantly!

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