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Long Term Laser Tag Equipment Hire

Extended Laser Tag Fun: Our Multi-Day Packages

Laser Tag 4 Hire know that sometimes you will want the gaming guns for more than one day, or a weekend. For exactly this reason we have produced the below packages.

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Long term Laser Tag Hire for Commercial Purposes

There are some instances whereby Laser Tag hire is required for longer periods. Sure, we offer Laser Tag hire for 24 hour periods but we can also offer it for longer periods, providing you with greater options and flexibility.

Whether businesses are looking to arrange a marketing event or something to include as part of a conference then Laser Tag is certainly unique and different. Summer camps can also benefit from Laser Tag hire because it gives them the scope to offer children something different and unique over the duration of the course, however you look at it, Laser Tag is a great option that fits a range of settings.

Why Is It Suitable for Small Businesses?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand how cost-effective Laser Tag is. This is particularly true if you opt for long term hire. While it’s an activity that everyone loves, small businesses can take advantage of it for a number of different purposes.

They could be arranging a large conference or event whereby they want to network and meet clients. Perhaps they are creating a marketing event to showcase what they offer but want to stand out? All of these options make it possible to take advantage of Laser Tag. Simple to hire and with long term options available, you can hire it for the duration of your event. From one day to three days or longer, once you have received delivery of the equipment, you’re free to use however you wish. As set up is simple, you can create a course almost anywhere and in no time at all, which is why it has become a popular choice for small businesses hosting a range of events.

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How About Summer Camps?

Summer camps have to appeal to both parents and children. If they are lacking excitement and fun then the children are going to find their time there rather boring. What’s more, if the children are uninspired then it’s likely that the parents are not going to part with their cash. 

So, if you are looking to offer something different over the course of the summer holidays then Laser Tag hire is the golden ticket you have been looking for. Children love to keep active and it’s your job to ensure they remain entertained. Therefore, we guarantee that Laser Tag is going to transform your summer camps. If you have space, you can leave the course and the inflatable walls in place for the duration or you can pack all of the equipment away and use it on different days. Having the scope to introduce it at any time is certainly going to enhance the excitement and keep the children entertained throughout the duration of the camp.

So, with Laser Tag hire available with long term options, you can rely on this fun-filled activity to keep anyone entertained regardless of your needs. One thing is for sure, it’s guaranteed to raise a smile with the young and old!

For all your long-term laser tag hire inquiries, please reach out to us using our contact form. We’re here to accommodate your extended gaming adventures and provide the ultimate laser tag experience.