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Laser Tag Hire in Yorkshire

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Laser Tag is quickly becoming a hugely popular activity as businesses, parents and fundraisers take advantage of the thrills and excitement that it offers. At Lasertag 4 Hire, we have seen first hand how much joy and exhilaration our clients get from Laser Tag in Yorkshire. The great thing about this lively activity is that it’s made for anyone, regardless of age and that’s why Mobile Laser Tag is the perfect fit for you.


So, whether it’s a party for children or you fancy giving your event a unique twist, Laser Quest in Yorkshire is guaranteed to hit the spot. It’s a game that everyone can enjoy and we guarantee that everyone loves it!

Laser tag hire Yorkshire

Laser Tag Equipment Rental in Yorkshire


It’s natural for people to assume that Laser Tag in Yorkshire is only designed for younger players but we are proud to say that players of any age can enjoy a Laser Tag Party. It’s a game that can be played at any pace and with the playing area safe and secure, the risks are reduced. Along with this our Black Cobra Phaser are easy to carry and lightweight, ensuring players remain mobile throughout the game. What also appeals to our customers is the fact that Laser Tag in Yorkshire is affordable which makes it a perfect solution for a range of parties or events. Our service is designed to take care of everything and that’s why we offer the Ultimate Party Boxes and the Awesome Party boxes too, not forgetting our inflatable obstacles which add something extra to every game.


We have made it really simple for you to enjoy Laser Quest in Yorkshire. All of the equipment is easy to use, the game is simple to play and it’s safe. It doesn’t get any better than that. So you won’t need to worry about the children going wild or the adults running around, you can play Laser Tag anywhere and that’s what makes it so unique.


Players Cannot Get Enough of Laser Tag in Yorkshire


When it comes to ensuring players get as much from the experience as possible, we make sure we have everything covered. We can provide basic demonstrations and explain how the kit works, allowing you to get the game set up and ready to go. We make sure that all of your desired equipment is delivered 24 hours before we need it and if you choose to hire on a Saturday you can keep our equipment on Sunday too, all free of charge! We are also happy to offer our equipment for hire over longer periods, giving you the scope to take advantage of laser tag in a way that suits you.


Give your guests, the public or even your employees something to get excited about by choosing to hire our Laser Tag equipment. We guarantee that hours of fun await you because this is a game that has everyone hooked. To find out more, get in touch with us as we are more than willing to go through your options and show you what Laser Tag is all about.

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