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Laser Tag Hire in Warwick

Laser Tag is the next activity that is sweeping the UK and trust us when we say that it’s time you tried it out. Got a kids party to arrange? No problem, because a Laser Tag Party is just what they are looking for. Perhaps you have a fundraiser, festival or corporate event to arrange? Consider Laser Tag in Warwick as we promise that every player, regardless of age will have a blast!


At Laser tag 4 Hire, we have been providing people around the UK with the equipment they need to take advantage of this exciting, thrilling and captivating game. It’s safe and players of all ages can play, which means everyone is going to fall in love with it.

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Laser Tag Equipment Rental in Warwick


When it comes to finding an activity that appeals to everyone it can prove a challenge but we have the solution that you have been looking for. Laser Quest in Warwick is going to drive the little ones wild while the adults can let their inner child break free. It’s a game that’s played at any pace which means anyone, regardless of ability and age can take part. We provide our Black Cobra Phasers which are lightweight and easy to carry while we also offer Ultimate Party Boxes, Awesome Party Boxed and inflatable obstacles, all of which are designed to help you and your players get more from the experience. Mobile Laser Tag is all about having fun and keeping things basic because it couldn’t be easier to arrange. What’s more, Laser Tag in Warwick won’t break the bank either as it is competitively priced.


What makes Laser Quest in Warwick so unique is the way that you can play this game almost anywhere. Take our equipment to a field, a wooded area of a park and you have your battlefield ready to go! Give your players the equipment and watch as they are consumed by the excitement and thrill of Laser Tag.

A Game Everyone Loves


We have seen first hand the way in which people of all ages love Laser Tag. It’s a game that’s versatile and thrilling, regardless of whether it's youngsters or adults playing the game. With the scope to turn any area into a battlefield, you can get creative with the equipment we have on offer. If you choose to hire our equipment, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Everything is delivered 24 hours before and if you opt for a Saturday hire, you will also have the Sunday thrown in free of charge. You can also hire our equipment for any set period of time, which is perfect for long-term hire solutions.


Don’t overlook Laser Tag, become a part of something unique and experience for yourself just why so many people have been placing orders with us! We are confident you’ll love it and your players will too! So, to find out more about how you can hire our Laser Tag equipment for your next event, why not get in touch?

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