Quasar and Laser Tag Near Me

laser tag rental

So you are looking for a laser tag venue or Quasar near me?

Laser Tag 4 Hire can help! We are the new way of provide Laser Tag almost anywhere in the UK near you. Instead of going to a dark smelly room with lots of people you don’t know, why hire host your own private Laser tag party!

It is super easy, just book our Laser Tag equipment on our website and we deliver it to your door free of charger. It comes with a super easy guide and videos on how to use the kit, just turn it on and away you go! The kit is fully charged and will last for around 8 hours of game play.

Our happy customers take the equipment to local parks and woodlands nearby, some also hire venues such as village halls and sports halls. The Laser tag kit can be used both indoors and outdoors, it can also be used in the rain!

Give us a call today and we can help with provide an unforgettable Laser tag party near you today.

Laser tag equipment hire across the UK

Book your Laser Tag Hire Today.

Laser Tag near by = Laser Tag 4 Hire. Nationwide fun!

Does it have to be dark to play?

No way!!!

Our laser tag equipment can be used in brightest daylight, in other words, night or day, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors.

Are the players going to get dirty?

Not from the phasers

Laser Tag is a combat game like no other, there is no projectile, bullet or foam block firing through the air, that means no paint, no mess, no broken furniture or windows!

Kids (big and small) will do their best to survive, if that means diving in a muddy puddle, that means diving in a muddy puddle… We recommend that players wear old clothes and covered shoes to protect themselves.

How weather-proof is the equipment?

The equipment will stand up to most weather conditions.

We’ve seen our kit used in all kinds of conditions from beautiful sunshine right through to freezing snow..

As with all electrical equipment it does not mix well with water, we certainly would not recommend swimming with it! But it will stand up to a good rain shower.

If it does rain on your party day (lets face it, this is Britain we’re talking about) just be sure to keep the guns in the dry when you’re not using them and please dry the gear before putting them away. 

How easy is it to transport for laser tag near me?

Very easy indeed!

The boxes are easy to move. Each weighs approximately 15kg and is a nice manageable 40x40x45cm. You should be able to fit both boxes for a Great or Awesome Party Box in the boot of an average hatchback, like a Golf or similar. If not they will certainly fit on the back seats!

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