Paintball vs Laser Tag

In Paintball vs Laser Tag the Laser tag is a non-contact sport, making it a safer option compared to paintball. There’s no risk of physical injury from being hit by a paintball, which can often leave bruises or welts.

Anti-Cheating Features

Because the laser tag gun automatically turns itself off when the player has been hit the allocated number of times, this prevents cheating. In paintball, even if the player wasn’t meaning to cheat it is often hard in the middle of a fire-fight to register that you’ve been knocked out of the game and it might take a few seconds to take one’s finger off the trigger, during which time another player lets off another 10 rounds. Enough, perhaps, to disable your opponent.

Once tagged out, the player must return to their base for the medic box to re-activate them.

The accurate range advantage is an important reason why outdoor laser tag technology attracts people looking for a better combat simulation system and is the reason many of the military have turned to infrared technology. By having extended range, laser tag missions are often played over much larger areas than is typical with paintball.
Paintball fields generally have to be small, otherwise the limited range really make

Large battlefields also mean that they whole style of play is enhanced allowing realistic patrols and ambushes. In Paintball vs Laser Tag, Team play is more challenging over larger areas and the need for radio communications between players adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Low Impact Paintball Hire

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Product Features:Paintball vs Laser Tag

Low impact serviceable .50 caliber marker
Maximum 140fps low impact pump style marker
Serviceable metal internals
Fully enclosed internals
Durable aluminum barrel
Traditional clamping feedneck, fits Valken .50 cal loader
Compatible with traditional 10 round . 68 cal tube ( holds 14 balls )
Picatinny sight rail

Games To Play In Paintball vs Laser Tag


Play the opposite of capture the flag. One team starts off with a “Bomb” (it can be a small box or a towel or plastic bag.)

To Make the way to the opposing team’s base will be the task for the team with the bomb.

Protect a specified location from the advancing team’s bomb. The defending team’s duty will be that.

End the game when either side is eliminated, or the bomb reaches the destination.

Neutral Bomb

Know the story: There is a bomb located in the middle of the map. Both sides must try to obtain the bomb and reach the opposing team’s base.

He/she must leave the bomb in that position and either team can then obtain it and advance it to the opposing team’s base when the player is shot.

Predator Vs. Prey

Divide teams unequally.
Keep in mind that the prey will start off with fewer people. You can decide how you want to do this. (e.g. 2vs3 2vs4 4vs6 and so on.)

Know that teams can be equal if you prefer.
The prey then goes out into the paintball playing area.
Set up where they want; and hide wherever, and however they want. (Under leaves, grass, in a bunker, etc..)

Go out into the field and try to hunt down the prey, while being hunted by the prey themselves if you are predator.

Understand that being shot differs on what team you are on.
If a predator is shot, they are out of the game.
If a prey is shot, they become part of the predators team.

Games can be adapted for paintball or laser tag using the same objectives.

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Paintball vs Laser Tag

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