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Hire Laser Tag Near Me


Have you ever wanted to play one of the most popular games currently available in a location of your choice? Now we make it possible!


With our Laser Tag equipment, you can indulge in a non-contact game that is ideal for players of all ages, starting from 6 years old.


Our equipment is so versatile that you can hire it for any event and this includes family get-togethers, parties, social events, fundraising days, team building days and more. Laser Tag provides you with the ideal opportunity to bring people together to have a whole load of fun at any location, it’s as simple as that!


We’ll Do All The Hard Work


At Laser Tag 4 Hire, we aim to make the process of hiring our equipment as efficient as possible. Therefore, we will arrange everything once you have made your booking. We’ll collate your chosen number guns and headbands as well as flags, allowing you to play one of our favourite games - capture the flag. Along with this, we will also arrange any accessories that you have ordered at the same time. All of this will be delivered to your door, leaving you with 24-hours/ the full weekend to enjoy the experience and opportunity to let your hair down and go wild!


The LaserTag Equipment


Our equipment ensures that you have the chance to get your Laser Tag game going, so if you are arranging a party then we have something suitable for everyone. If you’re arranging a party for little ones then our Awesome Party Box. It comes with lightweight phasers and has been created specifically for little ones, although older ones will love it too.


If you want to spend a little more and have older players then our Ultimate Party Box is the ideal choice! Packed with phasers and headbands as well as red dot sights,  we guarantee that you will love it.


Both packages and all of our equipment is suitable for players of all ages and for a range of events, so if you want to hire Laser Tag then we are here for you!


Consider Our Accessories


You might wonder how an empty field, garden or hall can make for the perfect Laser Tag battlefield but that’s where creativity and the right accessories go hand in hand!


Whatever space you have available, you can transform it into an amazing battlefield with our Inflatable Packages. This allows you to add bunkers to your course, providing cover and more action!


In fact, if you want more than trees or bushes to hide behind then our Intermediate Inflatable pack comes with eight bunkers that can be inflated using the electric blower that is provided.

If you have a larger space and want to create a more detailed battlefield then our Mega Inflatable Pack will take care of things. With twelve inflatable, you can get creative and create the perfect space to play!


So, whatever your needs, if you’re looking for Laser Tag in your area then we have everything that you need!

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