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Laser Tag Hire 

Laser tag hire from experts Laser Tag 4 Hire offers the best laser tag gear to you all over England & the UK and includes FREE delivery and collection. Laser tag can be used for ages 5 and above, and the equipment can be used indoors or for outdoor laser gaming.

Why not play laser quest in your local woods? 

Laser tag rental equipment is the best way to do this!

The equipment can be used for up to 10 hours making it perfect for summer camps or youth and scout groups. You can tag another players up to 80 metres away. Each player’s laser gun will have their own screen displaying the scores, lives, K/D and lots more.

Our laser tag gear is now the high tech way to play tag and hide and seek. 

Laser Tag Hire
Laser Tag Hire

When You Hire Laser Tag Equipment, What Comes In The Party Box?

Laser Tag 4 Hire provides customers with boxes full of fun and laser tag equipment rental gear. It is easy to use and games are simple to play.

The boxes of fun are sent the day before the party to give you enough time to check over the information, and it all comes with clear instructions on how to manage the laser tag games. We provide a flexible timetable of what games to play and when. We advise our clients to read through the information pack before the event or party, giving you and the other players maximum gaming time.

The laser tag hire party box comes with a master gun/ ref phasors, medic packs, keys and two flags (capture the flag). The master phasor is used to change the player guns with a laser game time and adjust lives and modes, as well as starting and ending the games. The medic boxes and flags facilitate different games such as base assault or capture the flag.

The master controller also has a number of advanced settings to unlock more fun from the games. We advise you only to use the advance settings with an adult present, and to be extra careful when changing over any settings. 

Laser tag rental is a cheap way to host parties for your guests. The information pack is very easy to read and provides lots of games and tricks to result in an amazing party!

What Is Mobile Laser Tag From Laser Tag 4 Hire And How Does It Work? 


Laser Tag 4 Hire is the UK's number one mobile laser tag hire/ rental service company. We’ve been in operation for over 10 years. During that time, Laser Tag 4 Hire has gone from strength to strength and has recently joined forces with the UK's largest laser tag company. 

Laser tag gear rental is a cheap way to hire the equipment you need for a whole weekend of fun. With our special offer of booking for Saturday and getting Sunday free, it is a great way to maximum the fun.

Mobile laser tag parties are growing as more kids and adults are becoming more active again and getting outdoors.

Laser Tag 4 Hire has top class customer service providing a 24/7 phone line for all tech support. We keep all our equipment up to date and do weekly checks on all the equipment too, making sure your event or party has the best time possible.

Laser Tag 4 Hire doesn’t just provide the laser tag equipment, we can also supply our customers with inflatable laser tag walls, party bags, camo paint and smoke grenades.

We also have some camo nets to hire if you are going for an army themed party. If you cannot find what you need on our website, please do let us know and we will do our best to add it in.

How many people can play Laser tag?

This all really depends on your event or the party you are running and the number of phasers hired. 

Laser Tag 4 Hire has over 150 phasers/ laser tag guns for hire & over 30 hire inflatable laser tag walls. That means it’s great fun – and easy to build your own laser tag obstacles course. 

Mobile laser tag rental is terrific for birthday parties. Ideally, every player should have their own phaser.  Our standard packs are for 10 players, so 5 vs 5. 

You can also order additional packs for slightly larger groups so 8 vs 8, or 10 vs 10 or even 40 vs 40.  For specific party/event requirements, please give our friendly team a call or drop us an email, we will be very happy to advise you and put together a package that meets your needs.

For events, fundraisers or fetes where a high turnout is likely, you can use the standard pack of 10 phasers and the option to rotate having 10 players for every 5 minutes playing. This option is great for school and sports teams fundraisers, as well as fetes and events.

Book Outdoor And Inflatable Laser Tag Hire For Amazing Gaming For All


Renting Laser Tag hire is amazing for outdoor laser gaming in your local woodland or outdoor space with natural obstacles for the kids & adults to hide behind. If you have open area, we offer inflatable obstacles for an additional charge. These inflate in seconds and stand upright easily, making them great for most surface and easily to move. Laser Tag 4 Hire can also offer upgrades such as smoke grenades

Many people have played laser tag in a large inflatable Laser quest arena. These are great but you need to make sure you have enough space for the inflatable. This is also very heavy to move and can hold up to 8 players at one time! 

Here at Laser tag 4 hire we give you the option to make your own arena, we provide you with Camo nets and inflatable obstacles allowing you to set the course as big or small as you like. Having more than 8 players is also not an issue with our set up. 

The rental equipment can work in the dark or even in the sunny park on a summers afternoon. Before your Laser tag hire booking just let us know if you are using the equipment indoors or outdoors and we will set them for you.

Some of our customers have played in public parks after receiving permission from their local Council. However, back gardens are the most popular choice, also Leisure centres, school halls & school fields are also very popular locations to hold your event or party.

London Laser Tag Hire- The Party Goes On And On With Laser Tag 4 Hire!


In terms of inflatable laser tag rental, a great addition to add on with your laser tag hire is our inflatable walls. These can be set up in any formation you like.  


​Want To Know How to Book Your Laser Tag Hire Rental Pack?

It’s simple to get started. All you need to do is get in touch with Laser Tag 4 Hire and we’ll be delighted to give you further information and a quote. We aim not to be beaten on price, so if you have sourced a genuine, identical quote in writing that is cheaper than ours, we’ll be pleased to beat it by 10%.  It’s all so easy and quick to do, and then you will be hosting your own laser tag event in no time at all! 


Please feel free to fill out our enquiry form

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