Laser Tag Ultimate Party Box


The Black Cobra is an awesome party phaser. This model is small and made from polycarbonate (rather than metal). So it is comparatively light. Plus it comes standard with a red dot scope which enhances the game-play.

The equipment you hire is 100% portable, tough, and weather-resistant, and of course ready for battle! This is a turn-key solution. You literally turn the key to turn the phasers on, pull the trigger, and you are ready to play! (If you’re not using them all the time then we recommend keeping out of the rain & switching them off to save the battery.)


Laser Tag Phasor for age 8+

Our laser tag phasers are the perfect balance between innovative battle technology and practical gaming experience to produce the most robust, most widely used commercial outdoor laser tag phasers in the world today. That of course means that your players will have the most fun possible!

It has a simple trigger mechanism. It also comes standard with a a Red Dot scope, this makes aiming a breeze, you can even keep both eyes open! They have patent-pending real-time hit-feedback, so you know when you’ve got your opponent.

Standard issue colours are: Black/Red and Black/Blue, all come with an orange tip. The phasers will also be issued complete with headbands so that you can tell who is on who’s team.

The Black Cobras in your Ultimate Party Box are pre-set with 5 “hit points” and 25 rounds per magazine. The phaser will automatically reload when you’ve used up all 25 (when you are set on ’easy’ mode).

So all you need to do is turn the phaser on and pull the trigger, wait about 5 seconds and you are good to go!

Once you have the hang of easy mode, if you want to spice things up a little bit then follow the simple steps in the user guide you can change sound effects, change the number of hit points, They have patent-pending real-time hit-feedback, so you know when you’ve got your opponent.

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