Basic Inflatable Pack

Inflatable Hire - £75

The basic inflatable package, a starter with 3 inflatable walls. Great to add into the garden to give a little bit more cover, or pop one in each room to provide more cover. 

Intermediate Inflatable Pack

Inflatable Hire - £150

The mid level inflatables pack:
There are enough inflatables here to have some inside and some outside, or to turn the lawn from an open area into a mini maze of barriers to hide behind!

Pack of 6 Inflatable Walls 

Mega Inflatable Hire Package 

Inflatable Hire - £225

These inflatables are 100% portable, tough, and weather-resistant, and of course ready for battle! All you have to do is open the box, plug in the blower and inflate your inflatables, peg them down if you’re outdors, and you are ready to play!

We know you don’t want to spend hours setting up a playing area in your back yard, we know you don’t want to spend loads of money on material for barricades, so we’ve come up with an awesome alternative!

Design Your Laser Tag Hire Pack

Hire Up To 300 Phasors!

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5. About You & Your Hire

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1. Select Your Phasor Pack

black cobra.jpg

Awesome Pack

Black Cobras suitable for age 6+.

Tag each other up to 80 metres, indoor & outdoor use.

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Ultimate Pack

Our most popular package.

Black Cobras PLUS military graded red dot scopes. Great for ages 8+

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2. Where Are You Playing?

All the equipment is preset and fully charged before arriving.

Batteries last up to 10 hours plus we provide  you chargers.


3. Do You Need Obstacles?

Add to experience with different inflatable obstacles. 

Easy to use and inflate in a few minutes. Includes pump.


4. Add In Some Extra Fun!

Why not add some smoke grenades or camo paint to your hire?