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Laser Tag Fundraiser Pack and Exclusive Offers and Discounts

At Laser Tag 4 Hire, our passion is delivering fantastic special offers and bundled discounts. We’re proud to collaborate with numerous charitable organisations, extending discounts to those with noble missions. Explore our array of special offers and discounts – your adventure awaits!

Scout bundles including, phasers, obstacles and more and school fundraising package is a great way to hire at a discounted price to help make as much profit as possible for your school or charity.

We are proud to offer 10% to charities to provide for charity fundraising days all profits being kept by the charity running the laser tag. Why not make a day of it!

Top Tips For Fundraising And Setting Up Laser Tag

  1. When renting a set of laser tag guns consider how many people you want to play with at once. A set of 10 laser tag guns means you’ll get 5 on the red team and 5 on the blue team. 

But you might consider renting a set of 20 guns that way you can create double the capacity.  

Being part of a big laser tag battle is thrilling. There is a buzz and you can feel the energy of the gamers.

2. Location. The more space the better! You can hire inflatables or you can create a fun course with painted cardboard boxes. Some schools have even used hay bales. 

Laser Tag can squeeze into any space given.

3. Games. Selecting the games which work best for your fundraiser. You can provide all vs all and the players come and go, you can sell tickets for timed slots eg 10 minutes. Give them an objective and off they go.

Laser tag needs to be set up in an attractive location to gets as many people to notice and come and play.

When people hear that you are playing laser tag at school or at a fayre everyone wants to come and have some fun! So you can end up with more people than first planned! What to do….

Let’s imagine you might have rented a set of 8 guns (4 on the red team & 4 on the blue team). But you have 16 people who want to play. You can introduce small team games or elimination games. Split into 4 smaller teams, you can play winner stays on or a knockout. Make games short so you can get through more quickly. Encourage on lookers to get involved with cheering team on. this can also be more budget friendly and make more profit for your fundraiser.

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