Book A Laser Tag Hire These School Holidays

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Are you are looking for a fun activity for your holiday care holiday program that offers loads of fun with less stress?

Here is a way to keep your entire centre engaged, from 5 years to preteens.

It’s a Laser Tag party ready in a box rental.

To Book A Laser Tag is the perfect way to create memories among your students. It’s an activity that brings them together and fosters friendships. More than that, it builds a sense of community. 

This is all because of the team-based mechanic of the game. All players are either on the Red Team or Blue Team. They work together to achieve victory! Not only that, but half the kids win half the team. 

Each team needs to work together and communicate with one another to achieve victory. Often kids that don’t talk in other settings come alive, interacting with their peers.  

Inspire Imagination to Book A Laser Tag

Book Laser Tag games that can be played indoors or outdoors, around trees or inflatables. So, it is a great offline school activity.  

Maybe services set up a maze in the school hall. 

And the best part? 

You can make a lead-up activity out of it, as well. 

Many Holiday Clubs include a painting day on their school holiday program in the leading up to the Laser Tag day. 

Kids get cardboard boxes to paint. They can create a camo pattern with greens and browns, or let their imagination run wild! Or paint in square shapes for a Minecraft vibe. 

Once the boxes are dried, they can be stacked on top of each other and act as “forts”. 

Laser Tag is a lot like hide and seek, so the more places to hide — the better!  

Controlled Environment

Laser Tag is a low-risk, stimulating activity. The DIY packs are delivered to your door, so no need to travel off-campus. The equipment is made to be easy to use and come pre-set.

All you need to do is switch it on! That means no one but your staff is interacting with the kids. Have peace of mind with DIY Laser Tag. 

Laser Tag allows the children to shine and employ their talents. It’s all about encouraging learning and growth through fun! 

 Kids of all fitness levels can play Laser Tag. It’s super inclusive! 

Every child plays a part in the victory. 

Each student must take decision-making into their own hands. 

While each player is independent, teamwork is still important. The games are inherently meaningful to them. Because kids love to play (and most love to play video games!), and they love to play when they are out & active & experience something new. 

So a live-action role-play, like laser tag, is a great choice.


So that’s why a do-it-yourself laser tag hire is a great choice when planning an activity for your service.

Playing Laser Tag fosters “soft skills” such as communication (speaking & listening), teamwork, and strategy.

The click-n-go generation is tech-savvy, they want activities that relate to them and their experiences.  

Most students Book A Laser Tag because they love video games, so a live-action version will spark their interest. Even students who don’t play video games absolutely love a laser tag incursion.   

Book A Laser Tag

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