Laser Tag - Awesome Party Box

Hire Up To 200 Phasors

pinner laser tag

Minimum of 10 Phasors Order.

Maximum Order 120.

Our Awesome Party Box is exactly that because it guarantees participants are going to have an unforgettable laser tag experience.  When you opt for Laser Tag hire, you are going to have the opportunity to explore an activity that is suitable for people of all ages and what’s more, our Black Cobra phaser makes the experience even better!

What is the Black Cobra?


The Black Cobra phaser is all about functionality, simplicity and comfort, allowing you to maximise your time when playing Laser Tag. This lightweight gun is made from a polycarbonate material which means that it sits easily in your hand and doesn’t prevent you from moving around freely.


All you need to do is turn the key and you’re ready to light up the battlefield with accuracy and agility. Pull the trigger and it’s game on.

Please note the video shows the ultimate package phasor with the additional Red Dot sight.

What Is Included!

  • Between 10 - 200 x Black Cobras with red dot scope (Up to 12 hour battery life)

  • Red & Blue Headbands 

  • 1 x Red Team (delta team) Flag

  • 1 x Blue Team (bravo team) Flag

  • 1 x Master Controller 

  • 2 Medic Boxes

  • 1 x Spare Phaser (This can be changed into any device)

  • 1 x Key

  • 1 x Information Pack,Includes Lots Of Different Games To Play!

  • Links To Videos On How To Use The Equipment

  • Free party invites (Downloadable)

  • Charger, If 12 Hours Is Not Enough!

  • Delivery & Collection

All of your equipment will be delivered the day before your event and collected the next working day after the event. Furthermore, we will deliver nationwide for free and if you live within two hours of London, our delivery team will deliver and offer a free tutorial.