5 Things You Need To Know About Renting A Laser Tag Kit

Renting A Laser Tag Kit five questions we get asked regularly at Laser Tag 4 Hire. Here are the answers to these FAQs.

How Much Does It Cost Renting A Laser Tag Kit?

It is a great price and good value for money. 

Laser Tag 4 Hire can be cheaper than taking your party to a fixed venue and it lets you run the party in your own style.

For details of pricing please visit our pricing page.

Here at Laser Tag 4 Hire we provide the best service, equipment and price!

We promise you will not find a better deal out there on the same equipment. 

Is It Safe?


Despite the name, our version of Laser Tag doesn’t use a laser at all! We use a system of infrared LED’s (the same as in your TV remote) and a glass lens

This means our equipment is totally safe to shoot at other players.

If you’d like to see the safety report from the manufacturer please click here.

When Do I Need To Book By Renting A Laser Tag Kit?

Normally one – two weeks.

However in certain circumstances we can do faster, if you’ve left it until the last minute, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help!

How Weather Proof Is The Equipment?

The equipment will stand up to most weather conditions.

We’ve seen our kit used in all kinds of conditions from beautiful sunshine right through to freezing snow..

As with all electrical equipment it does not mix well with water, we certainly would not recommend swimming with it! But it will stand up to a good rain shower.

If it does rain on your party day (lets face it, this is Britain we’re talking about) just be sure to keep the guns in the dry when you’re not using them and please dry the gear before putting them away. 

What Happens If I Get Confused?

We’re here to help!

You really shouldn’t get confused while Renting A Laser Tag Kit as its so an easy: Just turn key and go! If however in the very unlikely event you get into any trouble during your hire period then we’re always at the end of a phone, or you can drop us an email.

Inside the boxes with the equipment will be the contact number for our on call engineer who will be able to talk you through the equipment and any problems you have!

Call 24/7.

Renting A Laser Tag Kit

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