Extreme Phasors

Extreme Phasors

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Suitable for age 8+.

Extreme Phasors

Tag each other up to 100 metres, indoor & outdoor use.

Includes Headband Sensors for 360 Degrees tagging!

What Is Included! Between 8 – 250 x Black Cobras with RED dot scope built in (Up to 8 hour battery life)

Red & Blue Headbands

1 x Red Team (delta team) Flag

1 x Blue Team (bravo team) Flag

1 x Master Controller

2 Medic Boxes

1 x Spare Phaser (This can be changed into any device)

2 x Keys

1 x Information Pack,Includes Lots Of Different Games To Play!

Links To Videos On How To Use The Equipment

Free party invites (Downloadable)

Charger, If 8 Hours Is Not Enough!

Delivery & Collection

Click here to learn more about the Extreme phasor package. 

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