Awesome Phasors

Awesome Phasors

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Minimum Order 8.

Suitable for age 5+.
Tag each other up to 80 metres, indoor & outdoor use.

Awesome Phasors

Awesome Phasors The Black Cobra is an awesome party phaser. This model is small and made from polycarbonate (rather than metal). So it is comparatively light.

The equipment you hire is 100% portable, tough, and weather-resistant, and of course ready for battle! This is a turn-key solution. You literally turn the key to turn the phasers on, pull the trigger, and you are ready to play! (If you’re not using them all the time then we recommend keeping out of the rain & switching them off to save the battery.)

What Is Included in all hires!

1 x Red Team (delta team) Flag
1 x Blue Team (bravo team) Flag
1 x Master Controller
2 Medic Boxes
1 x Spare Phaser (This can be changed into any device)
1 x Key
1 x Information Pack,Includes Lots Of Different Games To Play!
Links To Videos On How To Use The Equipment
Free party invites (Downloadable)
Charger, If 8 Hours Is Not Enough!
Delivery & Collection

Click here to learn more about the Awesome phasor package. 

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