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What is laser tag?

Laser Tag parties have been making kids (and the young at heart) happy for years. Before it has always been a challenge getting all the players to meet up at the nearest venue and then play the games which the venue wanted to run. With Laser gun hire you can have the fun and games delivered right to you!

NEW - Hide and Seek

Laser Tag is a game, a bit like “tag” or “hide and seek” where players generally run around, trying to “tag” and “find” each other. The game has evolved to new levels with the introduction of the infrared beams of light sometimes called “lasers”. There is often an objective or incentive to the mission to encourage players to go and find each other and take all of their tags away.

Where to play lasertag? brings the entertainment right into your garden, fête, show or party. You can play in almost any location and in any light condition. offers you a range of games which let you or your kids burn off steam, and have fun without mess or fuss. Our system of tagging and deactivating players brings hide and seek right into the 21st century. We offer fast paced games with a hi-tech edge, designed to get your adrenaline pumping and your brain working. Boys & girls love it, not to mention those who are young-at-heart. It is also a great photo opportunity, nothing says best mum in the world quite like an album full of pictures remembering the best birthday ever. So don’t forget your camera to capture all those awesome laser gun moments!

Your FAQ’s

We’ve been asked plenty of questions about Laser Tag 4 Hire and we’ve grouped the sensible ones together and have formed our FAQ. If this still doesn’t answer your questions, then please, contact us

We Deliver

1. We deliver you the equipment so that you can set up in a park, garden, office car park or school grounds. No mess. No fuss. Just fun for kids and fun for the adults too!

The Ultimate Laser Adventure

2.Join us at to play the ultimate laser adventure game. Whether you are 6 or 60, you can rent our gear and we deliver it right to your door.

100% portable

3.The gear is 100% portable, tough, and weather-resistant, and of course ready for battle! This is a turn-key solution. You literally turn the key to turn the phasers on, pull the trigger, and you are ready to play!

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