Laser Tag Hire London

Laser tag hire in London?

Want to rent Laser tag equipment in London? - CLICK HERE -

Our laser tag equipment (similar to mobile laser quest and laser quasar arena) gives you an exciting and challenging non-contact shooting game which can be enjoyed by people of all ages (we recomend a minimum of 6 years old).

Our laser tag equipment has been hired for events such as family fun days, team building, corporate product launches, fundraisers, birthday parties and comunity events such as fetes and fairs, right across London just to name a few. Laser Tag in London is a real chance for you to play some games for boys and girls in your own back yard. We’ll organise everything you need in order to play Laser Tag in London, we’ll send you the laser tag guns, some headbands to tell the teams apart, we’ll also throw in a couple of flags so you can identify team bases or even play capture the flag!

Laser Quest Equipment

Thinking of organising a young kids party? then look no further than the Great Party Box – very simple, really light weight phasers designed with kids in mind.

Got a little bit more budget to spend? or the party goers a little bit older? (10-12 year old’s really love this gaming gun) Head strait for the Awesome Party Box!!! Want to organise the ULTIMATE party or get together? Teambuilding? or Corporate entertainment needed? then you need to hire yourself the Ultimate Party Box​

Inflatables for hire for Laser tag

Once you’ve found out what gaming guns you want to hire then you need to think about somewhere to play, something to hide behind… We know you’ve probably not got a battlefield tucked up a the bottom of the garden or in the local park, so we’ve teamed up with coleman to produce this awesome alternative! If you’re going to play at home and you want to add a few barriers to save the furniture getting turned into forts, then you should look to hire the Basic Inflatable Pack. This comes complete with everything you need to put 4 bunkers up in your battlefield to give a little more cover.

Moving up the line if you want to keep the kids outside and out from under your feet whilst you get the party food sorted then you’ll need a bit more to hide behind than the rose bushes and the lawn chair. The Intermediate Inflatable Pack will go a long way to helping you out. Eight bunkers can be yours to do with as you like, blow them up at the start (using the electric blower we send you) and t

hey’ll stay up all the way through your party! If you’ve got grown ups charging around with laser tag guns and you want to have a really good game, you’ll need the top flight Mega Inflatable Pack, this will give you 12 yes 12inflatables that should fill your garden, or car park, or office nicely…

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