Laser Tag Hire In Chelmsford Essex

How to book or enquire from Laser Tag 4 Hire in Essex?


Looking to hire Laser Tag equipment in Chelmsford for a Laser Tag event??

Look no more, here at Laser Tag 4 Hire we offer amazing pricing and offering to our Laser Tag customers in Chelmsford Essex.

We have provided lots of Laser Tag hire packs to schools, boarding schools, companies and just your average birthday party!

We offer free delivery and collection to Chelmsford and all around the UK!

If you book for Saturday we will give you Sunday free!

All the equipment is pre-set and all ready to use. We clean before and after each event. Our Laser Tag boxes are clean and no cardboard so can stand the rain.

The equipment we provide if made in Australia and made for all ages from age 5.

Play Lasertag Indoors or Outdoors or anywhere!

You can play almost anywhere! In your back garden (or local park), office, local woods. If you have trees, a playset, or even play around your house. 

Create hiding spots with haybales, painted boxes, or our inflatables walls and obstacles. 

Laser Tag is High-Tech Hide and Seek and great for all ages.

Players join one of two teams: red vs blue! They "tag" each other with their laser tag phasors. 

Everyone starts with 5 HP or Health Points. When they are tagged they loss a Health Point. If they reach 0 Health Points their taggers are "deactivated". 

When a player gets someone on the other team it will let them know too!

We have so many games, all provided in the information pack and videos.

How to book or enquire from Laser Tag 4 Hire?


Laser Tag Party In Chelmsford

Looking for a team to run a laser tag party at your venue?

Check Out LASER TAG 2U - Click Here -

Laser tag 2U have run so many hires Lasertag event, over 1000 LazerTag parties!

Our laser taggers are top of the range and perfect for all ages from age 5.

We have entertained over 100,000 laser tag players and quickly growing! With our mobile service, we can set up almost anywhere, from your back garden, office or local village hall and woods.

Our games are great for gamers and based on computer games but outdoor.

Did you know Laser Tag 2U is the UK's Largest Mobile Laser Tag Hire Company?

Book Your Party Today - Click Here -

players have an outstanding experience

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