What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag is “high tech” hide and seek. It’s a fun game, where you tag other players with a harmless phaser. Hire the laser tag gear for parties with that extra zing! Our Laser Tag phasers beam infrared light, just like a TV remote so they are harmless & totally eye safe.

Who can play LaserTag?

With the minimum of fuss and effort you can throw the most awesome party and get everybody running around having fun. Our phasers are available to hire in one of two box-sets so that everybody can play regardless of age or ability.

Where can you play Laser Tag?

Our phasers are designed to be used anywhere indoors and out, they’ve either got bright orange tips or are very brightly coloured so there is no mistaking them. If you’re going to play in a public place like the park, we recommend using a banner or two to show everyone you’re playing with www.lasertag4hire.com.

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