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Get Creative With Laser Tag Games

Hiring our Laser Tag equipment leaves you with the responsibility of arranging the games you play, which is where the fun begins. You can set up in any way you want but we have come up with some great games for you to try out including games that are a lot of fun and games that get the players competing, regardless of their age!


Of course, we’re only giving you a few potential games here, in reality, the possibilities are endless once you receive our equipment.

Elimination or Team Death Match


Simple, effective yet completely competitive! Create two teams, to starting points out of sight and let the battle commence!


Set a limit on the time but you can make it as short or as long as you want. What’s more, you can even set this on the master controller, allowing the game to end automatically. Keep it fresh by switching ends and give players the chance to explore all aspects of the course.


Once players have been hit, they are required to return to their base where they need to hold their phasor over their medic box, (wait until you hear reactivated) then they are ready to go again!


As soon as the game ends, the medic box will tell you which team had fewer respawns, telling you who won. Give them ten points and get going again!

Capture the Flag


Easy to set up but a load of fun at the same time. Set up the flags and make sure players don’t touch any of them.


This quickfire game can be completed in under five minutes and you should give the players the opportunity to play the game twice to enable them to start from both ends. It begins with players starting in their home base location where the flag is positioned.


Once the game commences, if a player gets hit, they have to return to the neutral zone but are not allowed to return to the game. The winning team is the team who has their opposition flag in their base with their own flag at the end of the game.

Laser Tagging in the woods

Base Assault


This is suitable for groups of any size with a flag positioned as the base. The defenders begin the game around the flag and they have to defend the flag while the attacked are out of sight.


This game has unlimited reactivations for 12 minutes and that’s because the last few minutes forces a result. So, if the attackers were not allowed to re-enter the game it would mean that they are highly unlikely to win.


To determine a winner, the team with the most live gamers within close proximity are classed as champions.

Capture and Hold


This is a hugely popular game with players and involves both parties battling to control a central point or building. Both teams go head-to-head to take ownership of the landmark. It begins with teams being positioned around 10m from the landmark. This leaves both teams navigating around the course to move up to the landmark. It’s an immersive experience that’s highly addictive which means that players are going to want to play it again!


With these simple game ideas, you have a head start once your equipment arrives!

Laser Tag games

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