Great Laser Tag Games For Boys and Girls!

Laser Tag 4 Hire knows that running a game is probably the scariest part of hiring laser tag guns for the weekend. We’re here to help you run games which are fun, challenging and most of all easy to manage! 

The four games we’ve listed here are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to playing really fun games. When we send you your equipment we will send you a full game briefing to really make sure you have fun! 

Elimination or Team Death Match is probably the easiest game to play – all you need is two teams, two start points out of sight of each other. 

The game can last anything from 5 – 15 minutes, you can even set this on the Master Controller so the game automatically ends! Make sure you play the game twice and change ends in between, so that both teams get to start from each end – just like football.

Tell the players that when they die, or are deactivated to go back to their start point and press the big green button on the medic box.

When your teams are in their start locations use the master controller to start the game and watch them charge into battle!!!

When time is up the team with the least number of respawns (as counted by the medic boxes) wins! Give the winning team 10 points. 

Capture the flag is dead easy to run, just make sure players don’t try to move the flag when dead, or try to move their own flag!

This game is normally over in less than 5 minutes – depending on how big your battlefield is. Again, make sure you play the game twice, and change ends, otherwise one team might have an unfair advantage. 

When a player dies, they go to a neutral zone – near you the referee, and cheer their team on, do not put them back in the game!

Start with each team in their home base location with their own colour flag in their base. Make sure it is easy for the other team to see so they can come and grab. 

The winning team is the team with both flags in their base at the end of the mission, it is a draw if they only have one flag. 10 points for a win, 5 for a draw. 

Capture and hold is a real favorite party game. Both teams are battling to control a central building or point. Both teams need to strive to takeover the centre land- mark (usually represented by a flag). Teams should start at least 20ft (10m) or (if space permits) more away from the flag. 

This creates a more dynamic game because both teams are continually moving up. When played over a ridge line, or from opposite sides of the house, a Capture & Hold game can be an intense experience, even for teens! It is recommended that this game is played a lot! 

Base Assault scales well to virtually any size group. Once the flag has been placed to designate “The Base”, neither team should move it. The defenders start typically around the flag, within about 10ft (3m). The attackers must start out of sight of the defenders. The reason for having unlimited re-activations for 12 minutes is the last couple of minutes forces a result. If there was no cut-off point for re-activations the attackers could never win (well, almost never). 

While each team has a fighting chance but it is a good idea to run this game twice, so each team has an opportunity for each role. The winning team is the one with one with the most “live” gamers in close proximity to the flag at the end of the time. 

There you have it, dead easy games to play which can be played just about anywhere! Check out this suggested running order, to increase the length of the party, play more games, or add in extra drink and toilet breaks! 

  • 5 minute briefing (max!) on how the guns work and set the ground rules:
  • No physical contact – try to keep at least 1m from opposition at all times

  • Do not cover the sensors – Its cheating!

  • Do not take off your headband – Your own team might shoot you

  • Enjoy yourself!


  • 2 x Invasion – Warmed up! and change ends between mission so each team defend:
  • Drinks Break

  • Do not cover the sensors – Its cheating!

  • Do not take off your headband – Your own team might shoot you

  • Enjoy yourself!

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