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Laser Tag Hire Great For All Parties

Mobile Laser Tag equipment is simple to use and games are easy to run. The boxes are delivered the day before the event to give you time to look over the information pack and come to terms with how to run the games. You can also download the start pack for your party/ event beforehand. The guns come with a master gun, medic boxes, keys and flags, and you can also add a domination box for more games. The master gun is used to set the player guns/ phasors with a game time, lives and modes as well as to start and end the game. There is also an advanced settings option to the gear, leading to more games and fun. The medic boxes and flags facilitate different games such as VIP or Capture the Flag. The Laser Tag party boxes gear can hold up to 10 hours of gaming time and we also provide you with a charger, just in case you want to play Laser Tag day and night!

Mobile laser tag rental equipment is fun and easy for indoor or outdoor use, and even to set up in your local woods, for instance. In short, Laser Tag hire is an amazing resource for adults and all age groups from age 5+.

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What is Laser Tag?

With the Ultimate Party Box, you’ll get Black Cobra Phasers that come with a Red Dot sight and headbands, which allow you to create teams. All of the guns are pre-loaded with 30 rounds per magazine which reload automatically on easy mode while they also come with Five “hit points”. Once you familiarise yourself with the game and equipment, you can then play around with the sound effects and even alter the hit points too!

With our Black Cobra Phasers and Ultimate Party Box, you’re guaranteed to get everyone fired up and ready to go to war! Whatever the age, all you need to do is turn the phaser on and pull the trigger. After five seconds, you’ll be ready to get going and begin your Laser Tag experience in style.

All of our equipment is easy to use which means no time-wasting, allowing you to get more from the experience. However, when your guns are not in use, it is recommended that you save battery by turning them off and make sure they are not left out in the rain.

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